The Ghost of Baile Briste

The captain of Dairmid's unit has gone missing on the very same night their semi-legal plan is about to unfold. It falls to the skilled lieutenant to ensure the capture of the city's greatest criminal mastermind goes off without a hitch.

Oria dreams of fighting evil and sorcery as a paladin of her church, and she's well on her way to becoming one. But can a child have such noble dreams when she shares a home with a murderous, manipulative evil? Can her faith survive with the very devil in the walls?

Houa has escaped a murder, but it's not clear whether she was the victim or the perpetrator. As she builds a new life her past as a warrior is called into play. Her skill with a sword will only go so far however, as the inward battle against apathy and immorality rages.

As our three champions interact with a blood-thirsty monster can they uncover its plan before it's too late? Well, no. But as the seat of Empire falls apart it comes down to our heroes to keep bad from worse. Without resources or allies, can they fight the gods themselves?

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